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Convert Thick disk to Thin disk using vmkfstools

Ada banyak cara untuk melakukan convert dari thisk disk ke thin disk pada vmware. Salah satu caranya adalah menggunakan vmkfstools bawaan esx.

ESX console commands to convert disk from thick to thin

VM must be powered off.

1. Use vCenter to see what host the VM to be converted is on and note down disks Datastore location.

2. Log into that hosts ILO remote console as root user (or putty in if you have the access).

3. Convert the original thick .vmdk into a thin one
vmkfstools -i SERVERNAME.vmdk -d thin thinSERVERNAME.vmdk

4. Move original .vmdk flat file out of the way.
mv SERVERNAME-flat.vmdk orig-SERVERNAME-flat.vmdk
5. Move new thin .vmdk flat file into place
mv thinSERVERNAME-flat.vmdk SERVERNAME-flat.vmdk

6. Remove VM from vcenter inventory and add back again otherwise disks do not show as ‘Thin’

7. Check VM boots up and all drives are avaliable

8, Tidy up by deleting the original files

rm thinSERVERNAME.vmdk
rm orig-SERVERNAME-flat.vmdk

Semoga berguna.