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Earn cash through paid to surf sites

Another way to get money from online earning is paid to surf program. This method is easily to follow. There are no complicated or sophisticated requirement if you want to get in. All you need is time to surf and click to see some ads.

Some of paid to surf program where I am registered is on these sites :

  1. surfjunky.com
  2. bux.to
  3. adbux.org
  4. earn10bux.com
  5. maxptc.com

Paid to surf program will pay you US$0,001 for viewing one sites. It’s mean 1000 page to get US$1. Worth enough ?!?!?! No ?? You should think again that. All you need is only click ads link and stay there for about couple seconds. Compare what you did with labours that work on plant is our country. They had been paid only UMR (regional minimum payment) and they still had to work hard for several hours.

Start from simple thing before earning bigger one, guys. Nothing is instant on this world.