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Buy text links on my website easily with Ask2link

Sell Buy Text Links And Get Paid through PayPal

Sell Buy Text Links And Get Paid through PayPal

If you have a blog, website, or forum, with a minimum PageRank 1 or Alexa rank under 2,000,000 (2 million), you could earn more money from your website beyond Google Adsense contextual ads. I have recently joined Ask2link.com to enable advertisers to buy ad space on my website. Ask2link.com provides secure, easy, and fast checkout flow so you could get your text link ads or banner ads live within 2 minutes after online payment. Platforms supported include PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, ASP, JSP, and hosted blogs at Blogger.com or WordPress.com . They also provide you with the ability to customize the ‘nofollow’ tag tag when you sell your ads. This may affect your ad sales, though.

If you would like to monetize your blog or website, you could visit Ask2link to learn more. Ask2link is a search engine marketing company that specializes in selling text links and banner ads. Advertisers, you may want to think about spending your marketing budget beyond PPC(Pay-per-click) such as Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN AdCenter, or Google Adwords. Why?

Static HTML links can bring you targeted traffic, bring you more organic search traffic, and also potentially improve your search engine rankings (SERPs), and you could increase your website traffic or sales. It also has uses in search engine reputation management. Search engine reputation management companies also use various SEO techniques to fight negative publicity. Start advertising now in this website as part of your SEO or online marketing campaign. You could now purchase static text links or banner ads on my website by following on the links below:

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And no matter whether you are SEO beginner, expert, SEO consultant, or search engine marketing company, you could also try Ask2Link as SEO tools as they are one of the companies that offer SEO services.

Blog traffic increasing after applying some SEO technique advice

After searching how to increase traffic to my other SAP Basis blog, I found some good advice. Those articles said that I need to use Tag word, submit to some popular search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, submit to some blog directory catalog, try to use specific words on blog post title and also use them inside my articles, and some other useful advice. I found these advice by searching on Google using keyword how to drive traffic to your blog and found some other blog explaining how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique. They are really SEO master…:)

I just rename my blog title from “SAP Basis Cafe” to “SAP Basis”. I found that this is good idea. After all, when I check on google using keyword “SAP Basis”, I also found my blog listed as well as when I use keyword “SAP Basis Cafe”.

I also try to edit all my blog entries and give it Tag word so that search engine like Google can easily found when using keyword such as SAP Basis or SAPGUI for Java. This advice really helpful. My blog traffic keep increasing in just a week.

Well, I think I’ll keep trying to optimize my other blog and keep maintaing this traffic increase momentum. Happy finding new SEO technique.