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Another Payment from Private SAP R3 Project

Three days ago, I have just accepted my second payment (last payment) for my SAP R/3 private project from Phillipine guy. Before this payment, I had to argued first with them since they didn’t use my SAP Printing Solution as told before.

But I insist that they should pay me as we had agreement before that I’ll receive 50% from project value, then I sent them my solution documentation. After they tested and try implemented on their office, they’ll pay me another 50% for completion.

The reason that they don’t want to pay is that they don’t want to use my solution technique. But I insist to get my payment and said to them that I am really dissapointed if they didn’t kept their promise.

After several email, then they agreed to pay me. I just receive my last payment on Paypal.

Now, I want to get another project from India. Hope it will go through.