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List of all Oracle Server Parameters

for Oracle 9i and 10g, Green = New in 10g

 Grey  = Valid in 9i but dropped (or hidden) in 10g
        Bold  = Static Parameter - change in Pfile/SPfile
        Normal= Dynamic Parameter - change in Pfile/SPfile/ALTER SYSTEM/SESSION

   PARAMETER                       DESCRIPTION
  ------------------------------  ----------------------------------------
   ACTIVE_INSTANCE_COUNT  = int   Active instances in the cluster
   AQ_TM_PROCESSES = int          Number of AQ Time Managers to start
   ARCHIVE_LAG_TARGET = int       Max no. seconds of redos the standby could lose
 asm_diskgroups = string        Disk groups to mount automatically
   asm_diskstring = string        Disk set locations for discovery
   asm_power_limit = int          Number of processes for disk rebalancing
   AUDIT_FILE_DEST = 'directory'  Directory in which auditing files are to reside AUDIT_SYS_OPERATIONS = {TRUE|FALSE} AUDIT_TRAIL = {NONE | FALSE | DB | TRUE | OS} Enable system auditing 9i
 AUDIT_TRAIL = {NONE | DB | DB_EXTENDED| OS} Enable system auditing 10g
   BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST = 'path or directory'