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DB2 backup script on Linux

DB2 Backup Script

After my news about DB2 backup script under Windows, I give you in this small article a solution to do the same thing under Linux.

To Backup a database this IBM/DB2 gives you a graphic interface quite simple to use “Control-Center”, but if you want you include this backup in a batch script you must write a backup script without GUI.

In this new I explain how to write a windows script procedure (.bat or .cmd) to backup your DB2 database.

In this sample I considered that you must close your database before backup ( It’s possible to do this in “ONLINE” mode but it’s more complexe — include log file, rollforward…–) and I use a database SAMPLE (it is his name) for this test .

the goal of this scripts is to : (more…)

Start dsmc schedule from command line

To run the schedule command in the background and to keep the client scheduler running, even if you log off your system, enter the following:

nohup dsmc schedule 2> /dev/null &
If a Tivoli Storage Manager password is required for your workstation and you want to run the schedule command in the background, enter the password with the command.

Root User: To start the client scheduler automatically, ensure that the passwordaccess option is set to generate in dsm.sys, then follow the procedure below for your operating system:

For non-z/OS UNIX, add the following entry to the /etc/inittab file:
itsm::once:/usr/bin/dsmc sched > /dev/null 2 >&1 # TSM scheduler