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Basis guy, please get ready to welcome SAPGUI for Windows 7.30


May 2012

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Sebentar lagi (akhir Juni 2012), SAPGUI for Windows terbaru, versi 7.30 akan hadir di tengah-tengah kita. SAPGUI for Windows versi 7.20 masih akan disupport sampai akhir April 2013. Beberapa improvement telah dibuat untuk SAPGUI terbaru ini.

Berikut beberapa improvement yang akan diperlihatkan di SAPGUI versi 7.30, sebagai berikut :

SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 is expected to be shipped on 29th of June 2012. The new release is the successor to release 7.20 and offers several improvements in various areas:

  • New CORBU design (successor of Signature)
  • Support for color schemes in SAP Signature Design (changing the color scheme per system and even per client)
  • Branding – customers can add a logo in the title bar of SAP Signature design / Corbu Design
  • Customizable tab order (users / administrators can change the tab sequence on application screens)
  • Floating docking containers (docking containers can be moved as preferred by the user – these settings are persisted)
  • Comments for connection entries in SAP Logon
  • Indication of security status: Once a connection to an SAP System has been established SAP GUI shows whether the connection is secure or not (indicated by a lock icon in the SAP GUI status bar).
  • Usability improvements for the security configuration in SAP GUI options dialog (larger size, search, filter) – a tool for the administrator that allows to create the security rulesets will likely follow in a later release
  • Customizable permissions in the SAP GUI options dialog: An administrator can define which sections / values can be changed by the users and which ones cannot.

Sedikit tampilan Corbu design di SAPGUI 7.30.


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