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February 2011

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Beberapa waktu lalu (akhir tahun lalu tepatnya) ane ditawarin sesuatu yang sangat menarik. Terus terang saja ane tertarik. Bukan karena kerjaan ane sekarang kurang atau suasana kerja tempat sekarang gak menarik atau salary ane kurang but bagi gw, it’s more than just money matters.

Sebuah company (great IT company) offer me a job as SAP Basis Consultant. They have some representatives office including Jakarta (as HO) and some of big cities in Indonesia.

Bagi gw ini adalah tentang challenge, passion, and more skills. Gw sempet interview dengan beberapa orang dari mereka including with their HR people. From the beginning, I have mentioned that I don’t want to be stationed in Jakarta since I hate Jakarta circumstances, enviroment, it’s traffic jam, etc. But I have no problem regarding travelling to another places for project including Jakarta.

After waiting for several times, they said that they need people who will be stayed in their Jakarta office. Actually, they said that they are very interesting on me and would be glad to have me join them. Well, may be next time.

Intinya mereka tidak bisa accept gw karena gw menolak untuk stay di Jkt. Gw pribadi udah thank you banget that they have showed their interest on me and have given me a chance to get interviewed.

To another company who want to hire me : I am still available , guys…as long as its in Surabaya…

Moral Story : I love my job, I love what I am doing

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