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SAPGUI for Java 720 Public Preview


November 2009

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SAP barusan ngeluarin SAPGUI for Java 720 Public Preview. Gw penasaran tuh pengen tahu seperti apa previewnya. Langsung dah ke TKP (ftp://ftp.sap.com/pub/sapgui/java/preview)…

Bagi yang pengen coba juga…monggo langsung ke TKP.

Menurut Press Release-nya :


a public preview of SAP GUI for Java 7.20, the next major release of SAP GUI for Java, is now available.


As the name implies, this build is not officially supported and comes with a test and evaluation agreement which can be found in the manual at ./doc/license/TEA.htm. Pressing the “more info” button in the “unsupported warning” on launching this version of SAP GUI for Java will display this document as well.

Enhancement and new features

Support for new OS versions openSUSE 11.1, Fedora Core 11, Mac OS X 10.6 and Microsoft Windows 7

Support for 64-bit Java SE 6 on Linux and Mac OS X

SAP Logon now supports new view options including hierarchical structure, display of system descriptions, adding user-defined memos and applying filters.

SAP Signature Design can be activated in the Preferences dialog. Currently it is off by default, because the implementation is not fully completed yet.

Application Menus as known before from the Mac OS X version of SAP GUI for Java are available now on all platforms. Inside session windows, they are displayed with icons appended to the ABAP application menu.

Grid Control supports fixed rows and columns, multi object clipboard operations, cell spanning and Drag&Drop.

Calendar Control has been completely rewritten. Horizontal navigation and vertical text rendering are available, the selection model has been much improved compared to the previous implementation.

Graphic Controls JNet and JGantt are now included. For example UML diagrams in ABAP Workbench can now be displayed.


The preview can be downloaded at ftp://ftp.sap.com/pub/sapgui/java/preview.


General feedback can be given using the SAP GUI forum on SDN.
In case you find bugs which can’t be reproduced with SAP GUIf for Java 7.10, please create an official bug report on component BC-FES-JAV with priority “low” or “medium” and use the prefix “720preview:” in the title. In case it can be reproduced with SAP GUI for Java 7.10 as well, please report it against this version.

Looking forward to your feedback
Rolf-Martin Wörsinger
SAP GUI for Java project lead

Ayo…ayo dicoba…

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