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Just for kidding : You Might Be A Programmer If


January 2008

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You Might Be A Programmer If:

  1. You immediately complain that this should be subscripted as zero.
  2. Most people say “Go To Hell,” but you tell people to redirect to /dev/null.
  3. By the time you’ve gotten here in the document, you’ve run Tidy or a similar app to check my X/HTML skills.
  4. The statement (0×2b||!0×2b) makes sense to you.
  5. You find 4 funny.
  6. You note with disgust that it always evaluates to true, since 0×2b != 0.
  7. Point 6 disgusts you, because under other languages than C++ (Java, per se), it would throw an exception, runtime error, etc.
  8. Both points 6 and 7 disgust you, because (0×2b||!0×2b) isn’t a statement.
  9. You wonder why there’s so much religious debate. After all, can’t they just type man life?
  10. When you think of Blowfish, the stuff described on http://www.blowfish.com has no relation to what comes to mind.
  11. You can write formal grammar statements for C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, HTML, any XML schema, Assembly, Obj-C, QBASIC, XBASIC, OO.o BASIC, StarMath, and just about anything else I could throw at you, and yet the question, “Is our children learning?” raises no red flags.
  12. You quit drinking coffee; caffeine I/Vs are easier.
  13. Your root@localhost password is the chemical formula for caffeine.
  14. You didn’t know that there was a war in Iraq: too busy preparing for the next gcc compiler release.
  15. You wrote the GPL.

  16. Taken from http://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/programmer.txt

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